Clever Dutch Startup – Shoudio

At PICNIC for a few hours, saw this great location-based start-up, Shoudio, in the “Marketpace” tent.  The web interface is nice, but I could imagine improvements in searching, tagging and filtering.  The iPhone app is slick, though not yet put to the test (by me).  Seems like great potential here. You can record and share sounds through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and there is also content from aggrigators such as soundaroundyou and soundseeker and probably more.  With an open API this can be used by developers to make customized audio crowd-sourcing applications.   City, bike, and architecture tours come to mind.  Photo can be uploaded with audio.  Something for birders?

FourSquare — I get it!

Feeling rather elated, and I’ve just started! Went to the supermarket and checked in. There was one other person there (supposedly). That gave me a warm giddy feeling of small world-ness, friendship, mystery. Who was this person? Pondering this, I realized that if everyone in the store had FourSquare, it would be absolutely of no interest at all – unless they were my real friends. Anyway, this is a fascinating new-for-me technology. Gotta wonder what they do with all that data. I’d better read the small print.  Like why did it post this on FaceBook?

Twitter Maps of Iranian Elections

Mapchannels Twittermap of the Elections in Iran.

Twitter maps of elections in Iran from 20 Minutes France.

Update 4/7/2018:  Maps don’t seem to work any more. Probably due to changes in Google API.


Caution.  Twittervision (No longer available!) might make you dizzy.  Maybe it is also a cure for loneliness, if you can bear it.  It is certainly makes one ponder the meaning of it all.  These effervescent messages from real people around the globe, vanish as quickly as they appear, an alarming demonstration of time and space convergence.  Where are we headed? (Jan 8, 2011… this was fun but now seems broken).

Update 30/6/2018: New and awesome tweet map!!   Made by MapD.  Lets see how long this one lasts.