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Wonders of Reddit – Colonial America

Very, very late to this game, I’m discovering the wonders of Reddit – specifically the subreddit “Map Porn“, and the title sums it up. For starter, there is this 1957 educational map created by Esso Standard Oil which was recently posted. The comments are also great, including critique that the Dutch flag and colors are […]

Conflict and Bridging Divides

The website Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project is a rich resource for data about conflicts and protests in the US and worldwide, with multiple links to other sites and databases.  It is a bit shocking, but the story covers the last year and puts it all a bit into perspective, with much good […]

World Food Program

World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize 2020.  The agency was given the prize for its efforts to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace. This interactive “Hunger Map” contains an amazing amount of detail and links to numerous databases tracking the world situation on a daily basis. Some of the indices and trends […]

Watch this map

Watch this map, updated 3 times a day from polls. https://www.270towin.com/maps/biden-trump-polling-map

COVID-19 Dominates

Sadly, the most viewed map these days is the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map developed with an ESRI ArcGIS Dashboard. More maps built with ArcGIS can be found at https://coronavirus-resources.esri.com/, including the projected peak map developed by IHME at the University of Washington.

Wolf Tracking

Wolves are awesome and endlessly fascinating, maybe because of their similarity to our favorite pets. One organization provides all the data, videos and some amazing maps, to satisfy the most die-hard wolf-lovers. As their Facebook says,  Voyageurs Wolf Project studies wolves and their prey (moose, deer, and beavers) during the summer in the Greater Voyageurs […]

Tracking Apps

Traveling a lot these days, and hiking and biking. There must be a way to keep track of my travels, organize and georeference photos and video’s, take notes, maybe even record comments as I move around. So, I am looking at iPhone and android tracking apps. Here’s my starter list: MyTracks, for Android MyTracks for […]

The David Rumsey Collection

I’ve known about the exciting David Rumsey Historical Map Collection for more than a decade, and have used it from time to time as a resource for research. The physical collection has more than 150,000 maps, mostly of North and South America, but also the rest of the world. About two thirds of the collection […]

Gerrymandering – the Line Dance

The 2020 U.S. Census controversy brings attention to many mapping issues, most importantly the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Partisan Gerrymandering.  GIS Software is sometimes viewed as the guardian angel, abut more often the devil in the bizarre American governmental process of “redistricting”.  This occurs on a state-by-state basis after the completion of the […]

Geospatial trends in 2019

Time to get up to speed again. In January, this article appeared in Geospatialworld. Review of terms: EO = Earth Observation LIDAR = Light Detection and Ranging (also, remote sensing) AWS Ground Station = An Amazon service – “a fully managed service that lets you control satellite communications, downlink and process satellite data, and scale […]