Here’s where we’re headed

…to Zappo’s to buy shoes!  Twittervision (see last post) looks like the first in what will probably be a mesmerizing flock of new real-time map mashups.  In this Zap-map (No longer available) application, if you tire of the shoe-parade, click on a shoe and you get the details and an order form.  The map is actually not very useful, except for the compelling representation of a retail businesses volume and customer base.  Can’t help wondering if the speed will noticeably change as the economy recovers.  As a sales gimmick, this worked on me.  I hadn’t heard of Zappos before (not buying shoes online, obviously), and I just ordered my first pair (just to see if the map would fly to Amsterdam.)

Update 30/6/2018: Zappos bought by Amazon in July 2009, and this sweet app quickly disappeared.