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Back to Earth – Africa

Central African Republic in Google EarthWhile we are on earth, there are things we should not forget about.  (Before we soar into space that is.)  GEB (Google Earth Blog), pointed out this Central African Republic KMZ, created by Humanitarian and Development Partners in CAR.  Dozens of layers provide information about this country, not far from […]

Live Hurricane and Weather Tools from GEB

Storm Tracking Google Earth Blog has posted an amazing collection (a “network link”) of weather tools from a variety of sources.  This is a wonderful assembly by various authors, including live weather images, and animated projections of hurricanes.  GEB has organized them in a way which is very easy to use, and the layers only turn […]

MS Researach with GIS

The spring edition of “Healthy GIS“, ESRI’s newsletter for GIS users in healthcare fields, features a fascinating article about a young (18 years old) researcher who is investigating the causes of MS, using GIS software.  Correlating data on the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis by US county with the incidence of  Lyme disease, Megen Blewett, has […]

New York Times on GIS Jobs Growth

Link to the article:  Technology Reveals New Worlds to Map A New York Times article by Barbara Whitaker today highlights the growth of private sector GIS (geographic information systems) jobs. “Many jobs are with the government, but technological advances have also helped drive private-sector jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics  lists G.I.S.-related jobs as among […]

The world of myMaps at Ongopongo

You might have thought nobody was doing this myMaps thing, until you look on Ongopongo, and they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!  It is now so easy to make your own collections of map information about absolutely anything or nothing.  Today I discovered a noodle bar in my neighborhood highly recommended by a young English woman, but […]

Ironing the Map of Afghanistan

This illustration by Dutch artist Rhonald Blommestijn is a wonderfully ironic illustration of (Bush?) ironing the map of Afghanistan. On his own website, Blommestijn describes himself as: “illustrator of the un-illustratable”. His work is conceptual and philosophical, sometimes informed by Escher and Monty Python. This illustration is reproduced without permission, and it will be removed […]